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Apartment Security Cameras Buyer Guide

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Apartment Security

Apartments are common places for crimes because there may be poorly lit areas with little or no lighting, many cars parked in one location, many apartments with easy access and a diverse population in close proximity with innumerable opportunities for altercations. Add to this office staff who interact with strangers daily, and maintenance staff who enter other people’s homes on a daily basis. There may also be personal items like bicycles, furniture and grills on patios and balconies. Protect each of these areas of your property with apartment security cameras.

Apartments may also have pools, recreation areas, playgrounds, walking trails, fitness centers, and public office space.

Not only are burglaries an issue at apartments, but other personal crimes take place at apartments. These include assault, sexual assault, rape, child kidnapping and molesting.

The best and most effective way to prevent crime and secure your apartments is to install security cameras to deter crimes and protect your residents. Apartments should protect each of the areas of their property with security cameras.

Apartment Security Cameras

Multiple Locations At Your Apartments

There are many locations at apartments where crimes could potentially take place. These areas need protection. Securing large apartment properties may require many security cameras. Some apartments prefer to protect all areas during the initial installation. Other apartments select one primary area at a time and add cameras in phases.

The important thing is to take action and start a plan to secure your apartment property one step at a time.

Entries and Exits

Entry and exit doors are the main place where people flow in and out of apartment offices. All entrances should have security cameras to protect them. Not only do security cameras protect your residents, but security cameras can record any illegal activity coming into a building.

Offices And Public Buildings

Considering the amount of residents and visitors flowing through office space, the main locations to secure are these buildings.

Fitness Rooms

Fitness rooms are a popular addition to newer apartment properties. Many apartment fitness centers are isolated with little to no window view-ability. Couple this with late night access and this becomes an easy target location for personal crimes.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are popular locations for summertime activities. This can also be a location where altercations and accidents occur. Accidents could result in unwanted legal action.

Playgrounds and Recreation Areas

Any location prone to children should be secured. This not only protects the children, but also provides video evidence of any injuries that might take place.

Wireless or Wired Cameras

There are 2 ways to connect security cameras. The two ways to connect security cameras are wired cameras and wireless cameras. Wired security cameras are more cost effective and better for most apartment installations.

Wireless Cameras

Wireless cameras transmit video wirelessly over your WiFi network. For locations where it may not be reasonable to run cables, wireless cameras may be good a good choice. These locations include distant playgrounds, dog walks, and recreational areas.

Wired Cameras

Wired security cameras usually cost much less to purchase. These cameras send video through CAT5 or CAT6 cables. Most camera installations at the main apartment buildings use wired cameras.

Want more information about security cameras? For more information about security cameras, read our article Reasons To Choose Dome Cameras.

Dome Cameras Or Bullet Cameras

There are basically two types of surveillance cameras to choose from when selecting video surveillance cameras for your church. The two types of cameras are dome cameras and bullet cameras.

Dome security cameras are a better choice for several reasons. For more information about dome security cameras, read our article Reasons To Choose Dome Cameras.

Apartment Security Cameras Remote Access

Security camera systems may optionally provide remote access to surveillance video. This can be beneficial for apartment managers, staff and security departments who can easily and conveniently watch locations on their smart devices. This requires installation of an app on your smartphone.

Apartment Security Camera Recording

Apartment security cameras can record video on DVRs. This provides evidence for unplanned situations if needed. DVRs can record multiple streams from multiple cameras. Recorded video may assist authorities with identifying people involved in crimes.


When selecting security cameras for your apartment, choose good quality cameras that will last, especially when installing security cameras outside. Witness Security provides a 2 year quality guarantee on security video cameras and professional installation.

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More About Apartments

The word apartment comes from the French word appartement and the Italian word appartimento, both of which mean “a separated place.”

Apartment Stats

Of the 2.25 million multifamily rental properties in the U.S., 1.64 million consist of a single apartment building. There are, of course, properties with more than one building. Nearly 100,000 properties have 20 or more buildings.

The national average monthly rental price for apartments are $959 for a typical 1 bedroom apartment, and $1,190 for a 2 bedroom apartment.

More than 111 million renters call apartments home in the United Sates. Nearly 23 million landlords look to fill their apartments.

Protect Your Apartment

Over half of American families live in apartments. Apartments can provide great home opportunities.

Protect those who reside at your apartments. Secure your apartments with high quality security cameras.

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