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Benefits of Security System Monitoring

Unlock the full potential of your security system with professional monitoring services from Witness Security. 

Our security system monitoring offers a range of benefits, providing you with round-the-clock surveillance, immediate response to emergencies, and enhanced peace of mind. 

Discover the advantages of security system monitoring and ensure the highest level of protection for your home or business.

Immediate Response to Emergencies

Experience peace of mind knowing that our security system monitoring provides immediate response to emergencies. In case of break-ins, fires, or other critical events, our trained professionals are alerted promptly, allowing for swift dispatch of emergency services to your location.

Continuous Surveillance and Protection

With security system monitoring, your property is under constant surveillance 24/7. This ensures continuous protection and proactive monitoring of potential threats, providing an extra layer of security even when you're away or unable to personally monitor your premises.

Enhanced Safety and Peace of Mind

Security system monitoring enhances safety and peace of mind by keeping a watchful eye on your home or business at all times. Knowing that a team of experts is monitoring your security system provides reassurance and confidence that any security incidents will be promptly addressed.

Quick Detection and Response

Security system monitoring enables quick detection of security breaches, whether it's unauthorized access, intrusion, or other emergencies. Immediate alerts and notifications allow for swift response, helping to minimize potential damages and ensure the safety of your property and occupants.

Learn More About Security System Monitoring

Alarm Systems Monitoring

At Witness Security, we provide comprehensive security system monitoring services to ensure the highest level of protection for your home. 

Our team of trained professionals keeps a watchful eye on your alarm systems, providing round-the-clock surveillance and immediate response to any potential threats. With our monitoring services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is being actively protected.

Video Surveillance Monitoring

With Witness Security’s video surveillance monitoring, you can keep a close eye on your home at all times. Our advanced monitoring technology allows for real-time video surveillance, enabling immediate response to any suspicious activities. Enjoy the benefits of enhanced security and peace of mind with our video surveillance monitoring services.

Access Control Monitoring

Witness Security offers reliable access control monitoring services to protect your home from unauthorized entry. Our monitoring team ensures that only authorized individuals gain access to your property, providing an additional layer of security and peace of mind.

Fire Protection Monitoring

With Witness Security’s fire protection monitoring, your home is safeguarded against fire hazards. Our monitoring services include continuous surveillance of smoke detectors and fire alarms, ensuring quick response and timely notification to minimize potential damage and protect your loved ones.

24/7 Monitoring Services

Witness Security’s 24/7 monitoring services provide round-the-clock surveillance and protection for your home or business. Our dedicated team of professionals ensures constant vigilance, responding promptly to any security breaches or emergencies that may arise, offering you peace of mind.

Witness Security Features

7 Months Free Monitoring

$304.50 value.

No Contract

We Believe in earning your business month over month.

24/7 On Call Service

We're Always available, no matter what.

Smartphone Control

Monitoring and Control at your fingertips.

Power Outage Protection

Even if the grid fails, we dont.

Realtime Alerts

Instantly know what's happening at your home.

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Our Reviews

Cindy's ClipboardCindy's Clipboard
22:47 27 Nov 23
Witness Security has been my security provider for over a decade. They always provide prompt, efficient service. Their employees are polite and knowledgable. I highly recommend this company.
17:02 22 Nov 23
Install was seamless. Customer service, from the first call, was excellent. Love supporting local!
John LawrenceJohn Lawrence
14:55 10 Nov 23
Very professional to the technician Andrew and to the lady that took my payment over the phone. I was making a payment and remembered on my monitor that it was saying low battery she said she will take care of that and had Andrew come out that same day to change the battery. You can tell they care about there customers. It's hard to find companies that care these days. Witness Security is a 1st class company.
Allen CulpepperAllen Culpepper
13:38 31 Oct 23
Mo HicksMo Hicks
00:44 31 Oct 23
I had a problem with my alarm panel. Witness Security responded right away and my alarm panel was fixed within the hour.
Sandy DavisSandy Davis
20:38 26 Oct 23
The Service person was very knowledgeable, and got everything fix!
Socorro GardnerSocorro Gardner
14:39 25 Oct 23
Andrew did a great job getting my camera app up and running.
Jeff SherrillJeff Sherrill
17:07 24 Oct 23
Got the system back up and running. Quick turn around. Appreciate the service.
22:54 23 Oct 23
Patricia SampsonPatricia Sampson
17:35 18 Oct 23
very knowledgeable team and professional
Chase ColstonChase Colston
19:51 16 Oct 23
I highly recommend Witness Security. My wife and I have used them for our previous and current home. They have been extremely professional, were able to get to us on both occasions quickly, and their work was top notch.
Katie KelleyKatie Kelley
17:41 12 Oct 23
The guys were very patient and thorough as we went through all of the quirks and got everything worked out, and the cameras installed!
Robert WelterRobert Welter
15:50 11 Oct 23
Did wonderful job. Thanks
Gil InkelaarGil Inkelaar
21:07 02 Oct 23
I have had the pleasure to have Witness Security take care of my business for several years. They are very professional and knowledgeable in their security business. Great prices also!!
Joe BrinkJoe Brink
21:23 29 Sep 23
As usual, great response. Great service. Friendly and professional. Turns out it was my own fault. I cut the wire leading to the transformer which cut off power to the security system. Everything is working well now. I’ve had the system for a long time with her a few problems. This one was my fault. Thanks.
Gregorye BradfordGregorye Bradford
00:29 29 Sep 23
Andrew and Robert were very helpful with any questions or concerns we had. Great customer service!
21:15 28 Sep 23
They always take care of business.We have uned them for our security service for 5 years now.
Brandon FischerBrandon Fischer
13:15 26 Sep 23
Absolute professionalism! Everyone on the install team did an amazing job! Thank you you guys!
Dan BelcherDan Belcher
03:41 23 Sep 23
Easy to work with. Good company.
Marcus RippMarcus Ripp
15:20 21 Sep 23
Absolutely amazing security company!!! I wouldn't trust any other company with my family!! They give us peace of mind!!
Glenn PatrickGlenn Patrick
19:08 20 Sep 23
Great company. Mr.keith very helpful in getting my system working properly. 💪 thank you.
Harley HollanHarley Hollan
03:13 14 Sep 23
Chuck MyersChuck Myers
21:00 12 Sep 23
The technicians where courteous and respectful to my wife. She was comfortable with them in our home.
Jane DempseyJane Dempsey
21:46 05 Sep 23
We have used Witness for over 7 years now. They have been reliable, honest, fairly priced and very responsive. Recently we had our back door replaced which required a new alarm sensor. Graham Lucy came out and realized he did not have the right part. He ensured the sensor was bypassed in order for us to arm our alarm while waiting for the right part. He replaced the battery in a motion detector and checked all the others. We had a strange beeping and he patiently reviewed the system until he found the culprit. He was very patient and really listened to my concerns. He arranged a visit the following day for the appropriate back door sensor to be installed. Andrew arrived early (much appreciated) and completed the installation. He took the time to explain some upgrades we could make so we could budget for them. We sincerely appreciate the professional staff Keith has and how they are always on the end of the phone line to assist us. I highly recommend their service. Be sure and add the maintenance plan. It is well worth the charge. Thank you, Witness, for your customer service in a time where it can be hard to come by!
Chuck SimmonsChuck Simmons
17:24 01 Sep 23
On time. Proactive. Friendly. Professional.
Debbie SeefeldDebbie Seefeld
03:25 29 Aug 23
We have had our security system with Witness Security for approximately 15 years! Highly recommend Witness Security service! You won’t be disappointed!
Denise ShawDenise Shaw
21:22 28 Aug 23
Very professional and thorough. Fast and efficient
Shelly WatersShelly Waters
02:13 25 Aug 23
Andrew always gives us the best service! He's super knowledgeable and goes above & beyond every visit!
Randy JohnsonRandy Johnson
19:24 24 Aug 23
Dan DannerDan Danner
01:09 23 Aug 23
Unfortunately, we had a staff member who did not show up for their shift. When confronted about returning the key on their dismissal it was a very laissez-faire attitude about returning the key! Witness was able to get out quickly and assist us in getting in individual codes and get off the general code system. With this in place security was restored without having to replace all the keys.Great job! Dr. D

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